Why I Disappeared – Zero Day Reset

In late January, Hubby and I started the Whole30, where we spent more than 30 days diligently planning meals, watching every morsel we consumed, denying our favorite foods, and losing a butt-load of weight; literally. Our bodies felt AMAZING and FULL of energy!

We began phase 2 of Whole30 at the end of February, reintroducing “bad” foods, and I discovered that grains (especially rice) are my nemesis, while hubby’s gut is strongly averse to gluten. Red wine didn’t present a major issue in moderation, unless I had it with refined sugar (dessert) – then I swell up like the Goodyear blimp. Nonetheless, hubby and I fell off the face of the blog planet right as we entered Whole30 phase 2… so, what happened?

In short, reintroducing foods did not go as planned. We didn’t plan phase 2 very well, so the reintroductions kind of overlapped each other. Reintroduction of foods is supposed to be one very specific thing per week, then back to Whole30 for several subsequent days. We did more like an every-other-day reintroduction of whatever we felt like eating.

As if that wasn’t enough to derail us, two weeks into reintroducing non-compliant foods, an opportunity arose for us to head to London and Madrid together. We both made a conscious decision to throw all eating plans out the window and indulge to our hearts’ contents while overseas… and it was glorious… at least, at first.

During the first few days on “vacation,” we had burgers, lobster soaking with butter, cakes for breakfast, pastries, sangria, wonderful Spanish dishes, and plenty of other treats. At first, we were surprised at how much less sugar the Brits and Spaniards put into their dessert, and how they were still so so so delicious.

However, eating half a cake or four pastries at a time kind of made up for the sugar reduction. By day three of vacation, we were both swollen, lethargic and our guts were miserable. Still, we persevered.

Not to disrupt a trend, we continued our indulgence through the six days, and our cravings dragons were back with a vengeance. The noticeable, negative changes in our bodies, cognition, and energy in that short time did nothing to deter us. Our justification remained, “We will get back on track when we get home.” That vacation was in mid-March; it’s May. Needless to say, both of us have the willpower of a carp.

Yesterday, I opened my eyes in the morning to find Spring has completely sprung, dogwoods in bloom, birds singing, and my ankles swollen as fuck! The scale is back up eight pounds out of the 20 I lost, and the bloat-factor is manatee status. I should not be feeling this gross on such a beautiful day! I decided yesterday morning that “today” was the last day I was going to be eating poorly for awhile. However, I needed closure and to have a proper goodbye with my favorites.

I ceremoniously picked up some Popeye’s chicken and a Nothing Bundt Cakes red velvet bundtini. It was an event to behold. I ate both until I was so stuffed, it hurt. I wanted to be conscious of how bad I could feel from eating something that tastes soooo good. I wanted to suffer.

My little plan worked. I was up most of the night with a stomach ache and all other nasty things that result from eating horrible food. Suffering was achieved.

When I awakened this morning, I couldn’t find my ankles. My skin feels like it is going to burst open from edema. Poor little piggies! My feet used to be the only skinny thing on me!

I had a chat with hubby about how to start over and get back on our healthy track. While we both loved how our BODIES felt on Whole30, and we had amazing results, the fact is that our MINDS were MISERABLE. Food became extremely unenjoyable, there were very few options for variety, and it was a serious hassle trying to eat out or hang with friends.

After looking at Keto, Whole30, Weight Watchers, and Paleo, we decided that we will go the Paleo route this time.

Paleo likely has more longevity and is more of a lifestyle change, plus he and I have both eaten the Paleo way in the past and were successful for long periods of time. We know the weight loss will be much slower-going than Whole30, but we feel this path is more sustainable and easier to adopt.

Our Paleo journey begins today, first by downloading the nom nom paleo app (I just love Michelle’s creativity with the Instant Pot) on our phones. Breakfast was egg whites cooked in coconut oil with spinach, and Pederson’s Whole30-approved bacon.

Next, we will be doing some grocery shopping.

This time, we can prep and cook in a REAL kitchen! During the previous Whole30 attempt, our kitchen was being remodeled, and we had to make do with the basement bar, a tiny sink, and two induction hot plates; a true test to a new marriage. Now, we have a real stove, microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal; all of which I will NEVER take for granted again. Ever.

We are also excited that, as of a few days ago, the gym in our home is finally complete. Hubby even built a plyo box and shelves for towels, shoes, cups, matts, and wipes; we have music, AppleTV, rubber floors, new paint, and a cross-fit interval clock. We purchased an Airdyne, treadmill, recumbent bike, squat rack, dumbbell set, bands, tubes, weight bench, stretching mats, and a water cooler.

There are no more excuses for not exercising in the mornings. None. I pray my first victory is to be cankle-less.

This is Day 0, version 2.0.

  • Starting size: 16, XXL
  • Weight: 234
  • Height: 5′ 8
  • Mood: Sick of feeling BLAH