Day 1 – Hangry AF

Today marked the beginning of the weight loss challenge at work, and it also marked Day 1 of Whole30. Hubby excitedly explained upon my arrival home from work, “Guess what! Great news! Now it’s Whole29!” For the love of all that is edible, I hope he doesn’t make that joke every day for the next 28 days; I will totally lose my shit.

I Weigh What???

The weigh-in… yahhhh…. so… it was bad. Not car-with-no-brakes bad, but definitely picked-last-for-kickball bad. I squinted at the number to see if I actually read it correctly. I’ve gained 37 lbs since July. Thirty. Seven. Freaking. Pounds. That’s more than a pound per week. I gained a three-year-old.

I knew I was getting up there when all my shirts started shrinking at the same time and my pants started showing signs of surrender around the thighs, but I convinced myself that they were just washed in too hot of water.

Whole30 Kickoff

Whole30, Day 1 started well; I had a light breakfast of two eggs and a cup of spinach cooked in coconut oil. As it turns out, it was TOO light. I progressively got more hungry, despite snacking on an Rx bar, two hard-boiled egg whites, and a cup of grapes over the next few hours. By 5pm, I was downright hangry, stuck at work, and ready to murder anyone who even smiled at me. Withdrawals are definitely setting in for the copious amounts of yumminess I’ve allowed myself over the last 18 months; my craving tonight is a glass of wine. And by glass, I mean bottle.

Today’s Menu

My food today consisted of approximately 1650 Calories:

  • B: Scrambled eggs with spinach
  • L: Homemade chicken soup, two hard-boiled egg whites, and grapes
  • D: Pork loin and blasted broccoli
  • S: Rx Bar and mandarins

I’m going to try a bigger breakfast tomorrow, and maybe one more snack. Getting off work before 7:30pm may also help, if I can swing it. I hope I can find my motivation to exercise; he’s been hiding for more than 18 months and I can’t find the little bastard.

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