Day 0 – Prepping for HealthyWage & Whole 30

I’m already exhausted. Does meal prep count as cardio? I’m going to go ahead and say yes, since I’m exhibiting all the signs; out of breath, sweating, sore back, feet hurt…. yup! Cardio!

Hubby has decided to eat Whole 30 with me for the next…you guessed it….30 days. We cleaned out the pantry, read labels of the remaining foods we thought were okay (did you know there is sugar in Seasoned Salt?), and threw out even more food. Three kitchen trash bags full, to be exact.

I heard Taps playing as I tossed items away – more-so because of the aggregate cost of what I was throwing out. Sure, I’ll miss the sugar and goodies, but I couldn’t believe how much money we have wasted on crap like chips, dips, condiments, etc.

With a half-empty fridge and room in the pantry, I hit Whole Foods. I had to change our meal plan on-the-fly because after reading almost every ingredient label on every packaged meat, I discovered sausage, bacon, and deli meat all contain sugar and/or carrageenan. I’m not going to lie – I panicked a bit when I couldn’t find Whole 30 approved bacon IN WHOLE FOODS.

I can do without ham. I can make my own sausage from ground meats. But…How will I be able to cook those gross little cabbage balls (Brussels sprouts) without bacon? Am I supposed to leave my eggs in solitude on my plate in the morning? Deep breaths. Perhaps bacon was my undercover SWYPO food. I can do this. (SWYPO is a Whole 30 term, meaning “sex with your pants on.”)

I prepped chicken soup, and have emergency snacks on hand. We also have dinner planned for every day of the week, but we plan to choose what to cook when we get home in the evenings. We decided lunch-prepping was most important, so we have soup, salads, and a few meats for this week’s lunches. I can already tell my Instant Pot is going to be a hero on this plan. If you don’t already have one, get one. Perfect soups, and perfect poultry EVERY TIME.

After I food prepped, I ordered out for my last supper. Cue ominous music.

I had an entire medium pizza as my “last hoorah.” And a piece of cake. And wine. And a lemon drop drink. Carbs, sweets, and alcohol – I had to have a proper goodbye!

Goodnight, world. Tomorrow, I find out what I weigh. This won’t be pretty.

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